STRESS-O-PEDIC Mattress™, flagship, SELECTRest, and our newest state of the art product line, the CHATEAU Collection, have been designed to give your body the rest it requires.

As one of the Largest Independent Bedding manufacturers on the West Coast, STRESS-O-PEDIC™, SELECTRest and the CHATEAU Collection employ innovative product designs in a state of the art manufacturing facility to give you the product to fit your personal needs. Join the many who enjoy premium luxurious bedding at affordable prices.

technology and handcrafting join together to produce a product built to last for years to come

The CHATEAU Collection of fine mattresses combines the finest materials and the most experienced craftsmen to create an incredibly supportive, comfortable and dependable bed. This rare combination of exclusive materials and attention to detail offers the finest hand-crafted mattress sets available today.

The sleep surface of the CHATEAU Collection is inspired by the world’s finest homes, whose owners understand and appreciate value and quality. Homes where the pressure of the day are left behind. The CHATEAU Collection is for the world’s finest homes, where modern technology blends with timeless luxury in the pursuit of relaxation and rejuvenation. The CHATEAU Collection, a mattress set that cradles you in deep sleep and gives your body the correct support to naturally mend itself from the day to day stresses.

CHATEAU Collection brings together materials from every corner of the world; cashmere from Tibet, fine Silk from China, Wool from New Zealand and imported European Damasks from Belgium. These materials are combined with the most technologically advanced inner spring units, the finest high-grade upholstery layers with the exclusive Chateau edge, and natural latex materials to give you the best nights sleep possible. The CHATEAU Collection is the most comfortable and durable mattress ever crafted.

the world’s finest mattress for the world’s finest homes – like yours